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KeoghCon - The Necroscope Mini-Con -- The Gathering of the Lumlians to Celebrate Brian's work. This page will always try to have the latest updates so you know when and where the next KeoghCon will be...

NOTICE (February 1st '08):

Greetings Fellow Lumlians...

September 2007 saw KeoghCon become a "Gathering" in lieu of a convention as such. September 2008 was to be of the same nature but alas due to circumstances out of our control...

KeoghCon/Gathering is now no more. The Shedden Hall Hotel has been sold to a property developer and the owners are moving to Portugal and getting away from it all.

"Why can't we still hold it with the new owners?" some you have asked. Well, can't do because the hotel is no longer going to be a hotel. It's going to be holiday flats. For those of you who have actually done the Torquay event ... the hotel rooms on the bar floor; that whole section is being totally knocked down. There will be no more bar. The large windows overlooking the bay are being demolished as well and the room is being knocked back as far as the first pillar section behind it.

It's too far down the road now for us to go out and try to find another venue. It took quite some time and venturing a field to find this place. This was the perfect location. Sure, there are other hotels next to this one but the prices were not acceptable.

Brian and I would like to thank everyone who has attended over the years. We've had great times and enjoyed meeting all the new folk and meeting up again with the old regular folk we've known for years. Your support has been very much appreciated.

Rather than remove this section of the site, we'll leave it here for your viewing of the past ... at least for the time being anyway.

Warmest Regards,

Brian & Silky Lumley


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