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Posted 15 January 2014 - 12:06 PM

NOTE: Always check Brian’s Area Messages/Breaking News as there may be something there that is not in the monthly update. If there is not enough info I’ll just do one bi-monthly.  (I have put new info in orange … at least it shows red on my machine…)




* You can continue to find the update at: http://brianlumley.net/Services.html


* In addition to the brianlumley.net & nec.org sites I now own necroscope.info. However, it will be a while I get nec.info organized and published, so no sense looking for it yet … I’ll get to this as soon as I possibly can and I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.


* Items For Sale: http://www.brianlumley.net T-Shirts, hats and other Necroscope® Merchandise. Have a look at: http://www.necroscope.org  Coming Soon: http://www.necroscope.info


* Sheddon Hall Hotel: Seven years ago September just passed was the last KeoghCon ever. We had seven great years of it and we still look fondly back on the fun we had. The hotel was being used by Torquay Council for the homeless ... I didn't get to see the planning permissions before it got boarded up ... but I would imagine it's now time someone will be making another hotel out of it ... or apartments. Will let you know what happens if/when. It is now all boarded up … demolition?



WHAT’S IN THE WORKS:  (All info is subject to change.)


* Necroscope®: The  Movie: Ta Da! … As you all know, the option has been paid by Evolving Pictures for the last six years … now, they have totally bought out the option … which means that the likelihood of a movie coming to pass is stronger than it was before. But you must remember … Hollywood is a strange planet and all you can do is keep your fingers crossed.


* New Story: Brian has started writing a new story ... no title as yet.


* The Night Before Christmas. Is finished and waiting for publication. Don’t know where/when yet.


* The Christmas Village. Brian has taken a break on this one but he’ll be back to hopefully finish it this winter. Will keep you informed if/when.



FORTHCOMING PUBLICATIONS:  (Please keep in mind that all dates are tentative and subject to change.)


* March 2014. The Compleat Crow. Pre-order: http://subterraneanpress.com/store/product_detail/the_compleat_crow





NEW PUBLICATIONS:  (Please keep in mind that all dates are tentative and subject to change.)





E-BOOK PUBLICATIONS: (If there are any additional e-book publications coming … I’ll let you know.


* Subterranean Press E-Books: Now available: The Taint & Other Novellas: Best Mythos Tales Volume One; Haggopian & Other Stories: Best Mythos Tales Volume Two, A Coven of Vampires, Necroscope: The Plague-Bearer, No Sharks in the Med, The Fly-By-Nights, The Nonesuch, Möbius Murders. More to come.


* UK E-BOOKS: Orion. Here is the link: http://www.orionbooks.co.uk/authors/lumley-brian I, myself, would recommend a Kindle Reader.


* All the following books are now available in the Kindle Store. Note to UK readers: If you have bought a kindle through Amazon.co.uk you have to buy the ebooks from the US site. On the top left of the page you have to make sure to change your “Country or Region” to the USA. You won’t get any results if you use the United Kingdom location. If you continue to have problems, contact Amazon.


* Necroscope

* Vamphyri!

* The Source

* Deadspeak

* Deadspawn

* Bloodwars

* The Lost Years

* Resurgence Lost Years Two

* Necroscope: Invaders

* Necroscope: Defilers

* Necroscope: Avengers

* Necroscope: The Touch

* Necroscope: Harry & the Pirates

* Necroscope: Harry Keogh & Other Weird Heroes


* The Burrowers Beneath

* The Clock of Dreams

* In the Moons of Borea

* The Transition of Titus Crow

* Spawn of the Winds

* Elysia


* Demogorgon


* Fruiting Bodies and Other Fungi


* Hero of Dreams

* Ship of Dreams

* Mad Moon Of Dreams

* Iced on Aran


* Psychomech

* Psychosphere

* Psychamok

"The Master's Lady"
The Future Is A Devious Thing...

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