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Below are the results to our previous poll. Thanks to the 1195 participants who took part in this poll.

Previous Poll Topic: What MPAA rating should a Necroscope Movie have?
R - An adult film not for kids, violent, blood and guts shown for good measure 56.6% - (677 Votes)
NC-17 - A breakthrough adult film, no holds barred, all out, sex, violence, death and destruction mainstream flick that will break all taboos about NC-17 41.9% - (501 Votes)
PG-13 - More of a mature teenage movie with a little scariness thrown in 1% - (13 Votes)
G - I've always seen it as a children's movie 0.2% - (3 Votes)
PG - Maybe a little dark, but still for kids 0% - (1 Votes)
Total Votes: 1195