The Necroscope Saga - by Brian Lumley

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All new adventures of the Necroscope....

Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Heroes

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Vampires, Elder Gods, Nightmares, Mysterious elixirs. Wines capable of transporting the drinker  - literally - to another world. Fossils that dream of rending flesh between their teeth. These wonders, and many more, spring from the fertile imagination of Brian Lumley.

Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes! collects eight long tales of four of Lumley's most popular creations: Titus Crow; David Hero and his companion, Eldin the Wanderer; and the original Necroscope himself, Harry Keogh, who is featured in three comletely new stories, one of them a short novel. The other stories in this collection have previously only been published in the UNited Kingdom.

Titus Crow: Psychic detective, master magician, destroyer of the ancient Cthulhiangods. In "Inception," we see the infant Titus at the moment his destiny falls upon him. In "Lord of the Worms," a simple seceretarial job lands Crow on a sacrificial alter. And in "Name and Number," Henri Laurent de Marigny details a battle between Titus Crow and malevolent, occult winds that can rip living flesh from bone.

David Hero and Eldin the Wanderer: once men of the waking world, now agents for King Kuranes of the Dreamlands. Sips of "The Weird Wines of Nxas Niss" send the pair on a tumultuous journey from a buxom beauty's bed to the depths of a wizard's dungeon. Then seeking his missing friend, David Hero boards an ill-fated airship that is home to "The Stealer of Dreams."

Harry Keogh, Necroscope: vampire killer without peer, capable of conversing with the dead. A sudden windfall brings Harry to Las Vegas, where he meets "Dead Eddy," a gambler whocan't resist the tempatation of one last big win - from beyond the grave! In "Dinosaur Dream," Harry's interest in fossils leads him to uncover the truth behind the death of a young amateur paleontologist...and to discover that it's not just dead people he can call on in a crisis. Harry's undying love for his mother leds him down a dangerous path in "Resurrection."

Four of Lumley's greatest heroes. Three of his most popular worlds. Tales to chill and to delight. Open the book and be swept away.


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