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Please carefully read the all the information below. Everything you need to know is included on this page. It will save time in processing your order.

Readings come on a good quality CD. They come in a very good quality DVD plastic storage case. Playback may vary on different machines. They all work well on my computer and my stereo units. Volume and quality will vary on different computers and stereo systems, boom boxes, etc. Brian has listened to these CDS and has deemed them highly acceptable. Shadoe has also checked them out as well and given his seal of approval. I can not be responsible if the CDS don't play on your machines.

This material is Brian Lumley 2003. Reproduction for resale is strictly prohibited. The same copyright regulations apply to these recordings as store bought audios and videos.

  • Disc 1: Wratha's Story. Excerpt from Blood Brothers. Convention reading.* Approximately 54 minutes. 

  • Disc 2: Nestor's Story. Excerpt from The Last Aerie. Convention reading.* Approximately 55 min. 

  • Disc 3: But Where is Harry Keogh? A chapter from The Lost Years Volume One. Studio recording.** Approximately 32 minutes. Also The Whisperer. Convention reading.* Approximately 28 minutes.

  • Disc 4: Fruiting Bodies and The Thin People. Convention readings.* Approximately 82 minutes.

  • Comes in quad box with liner notes, on glossy photo paper. Signed on back of liner by Brian.
  • Overall approximate running time is 4 hours and 21 minutes.

* This is a live, unedited version so you get warts and all, which means you get everything going on during the reading, like audience response, background noise, etc.

** Studio recording.

As this is a project I am doing myself in it's entirety ... depending on volume of sales, there may be a cut off point for orders, or you may need to wait for the CD's to be produced. Orders are taken on a first come, first served basis.

DISCLAIMER: This is strictly buy at your own risk. If you are outside of the United Kingdom there is no insurance option for non-receipt or damage. (Yes, you can pay for insurance, but I've checked this out with the the UK Postal Service and this is what they state: "You have to prove where it went missing or where it got damaged." And when you are working with two different postal services neither one is willing to take the blame for where the item went missing or where it got damaged.)

Packaging: CDs come bubble/padded bag. And for my own safety I will have a proof of posting to show that I did indeed mail the item in the event of non-receipt.

NOTE: If you do not agree with the Disclaimer ... please save me time and do not order.

Something I must stress ... once you have agreed on the price and terms of the sale and mailing details are given ... your money MUST be received within one week in the UK and two weeks outside UK or your order will automatically be cancelled.


UK: 30.00 including special delivery postage and packaging.    USA: $48.00 including postage and packaging.


UK: (Cash or money order preferred method of payment.)

  • Cash.

  • Postal money order.

  • Personal check. If I don't know you it will take 7 working days for the check to clear.

US: (Cash or money order is preferred method of payment.)

  • Cash direct to me in UK.

  • Cash to a US address.

  • Money order/postal order/cashier's check sent to a US address.

  • Personal check accepted. If I don't know you it will take 7 working days to clear.

Outside US & UK:

  • Cash in US dollars $50.00 -- UK British Pounds 32.00 -- Euros 50.00 (Euros includes a conversion fee.)

  • International money order -- bank check -- or cashier's check/draft for 32.00 British Pounds Sterling only.

Terms of Purchase: Prices are quoted in American US $$$ -- UK -- Euros . Upon contact, please be sure to let me know which country you live in.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you have purchased something from me before ... PLEASE NO NOT SEND MONEY automatically. To place an order contact Silky at Your help in this will be very much appreciated.

Again, to speed up your order please give the following info when you contact me:

  1. How many sets you want.
  2. Name and full address including zip/postal code. I can't mail your package without a zip/postal code.
  3. Method of payment.

If you give me all this information in your first post you will save time and I'll be able to give you mailing instructions immediately.