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Looking for all the fun and interactive stuff that Brian has to offer? Then look no more for here it is!


    A direct link to the Bookstore where books can be purchased from and with ease....


    The Bi-Monthly publication of Brian's newsletter, with articles from him and his group of "followers. Also a great place to see and hear about the latest news all in one easy to print out place!


    Fans have created art inspired by Brian's work. Some of it amateur, some of it professional - all of it fun to look at!



    Interviews, sound bites - you name it. if we were able to mic it - we got it!


    Short clips of Brian's readings...

  • CHAT

    Where can you talk in real-time to other Lumlians? Right here! Scheduled chats are Sundays at 1 pm EST, but you might find someone inthere whenever!


    Don't be afraid to go vote and make your position known on some of the questions we have at the polling page.