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EerieCon VI



Old and new Lumlians alike gathered in the Niagara mist to see their favourite author as the Guest of Honor at the sixth annual EerieCon in New York. Paul Ganley's convention was a good one, seeing the likes of Brian, Allen Koszowski, Darrel Schweitzer and many other greats in the genre of sci-fi and fantasy.

Date: April 16-18, 2004 - Niagara Falls, NY

The man behind the convention - Mr. Paul W. Ganley - observing the tomes in the dealer's room

Keith Thomas, explaining his theories of book-collecting to new Lumlians John and Carol while Sarah patiently waits for him to finish.

Allen Koszowski in the dealer's room relaxing behind his body of work...

Paul and Brian engaged in an interesting converstion.

Christine and Allen Koszowski taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the con

Brian during a long signing session for an enthusiastic fan

Brian Lumley with John and Carol - newly met Lumlians.

Brian talking with..Minnie Driver..? Or is that Allen and Chris' daughther Victoria?

Brian, Christine, Allen and Keith hanging out in the bar after a long day at the convention...

The Wolfe himself striking a pose with movie star Minnie Driver who stopped by the convention while promoting her latest movie.

Brian Lumley and Darrell Schweitzer flipping through the latest HPL magazine.

Brian during one of his readings at the Con

A relaxing moment in the hotel lobby just flipping through some books...