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  • ShadoeWolfe - Journal Entries - Las Vegas Trip

Monday, October 23, 2000 -----

Yesterday was amazing. We landed in Vegas around 11 am and got to the hotel in good time. Brian and Silky came over shortly thereafter so we could all go over to the mall and get things ready for the booksigning. We met up with Keith Grant-Evans of the Downliners Sect and his wife Jane and headed out.

Once at the mall, it took a little over 45 minutes to have everything up and running and things went great. I met quite a few fans there and everyone seemed to have a good time. The webcam show went smooth other than a few minutes of no updates due to a disconnect from the ISP. Once resolved, we finished up and I was able to save all 60 images from the hour long show. I hope everyone enjoyed the webcam show.

I also got audio and video of the signing and some still pictures which I have put up on the other page covering the Vegas 'pre-con.'

From the signing, we headed over to the Dive for a drink with the fans and I got a couple shots over there also. Pictures - that is. :) We then returned to our rooms and met back up for dinner at Bally's and had a wonderful meal at the buffet.

After dinner, we all headed down to Fremont Street. We saw the light show in the covered walkway twice (different shows each time), and also caught a small lounge act while having a drink waiting for the next show. That did most of us in and Heather, Silky and I grabbed a cab back to our hotels and called it a night while Brian, Keith and Jane continued gambling the night away....

Tuesday, October 24, 2000 -----

Monday was a fun-filled day. Other than the nonstop rain, it was very enjoyable. We woke up early, and walked down the Strip for about an hour or so. We then went over and got checked into Bally's and out of Barbary Coast.

The day started out with us up $30 and ended down $15. I guess we're just not gamblers. :) With the rain as heavy as it was, we stayed inside the casinos as much as possible, checking out Paris, and MGM Grand without going outside. After a great lunch buffet with Brian and Silky, Heather and I retired for a short nap and for me to update the site.

After our nap, we embarked on a long journey down the Strip. We walked down to the Fashion Show mall, where the booksigning took place, and back, checking out the casinos along the way. We got some great pictures that are up with the others from the booksigning.

Once back from our stroll (stroll - more like a marathon!), we rested a bit and got ready for the show that night, Jubilee! Heather and I were seated in between Brian and Silky and Keith and Jane at the back of the theater but center stage. The show lasted a bit over 90 minutes and was unbelievable. I'd have some pictures for you but they weren't allowed to be taken so all I can say is to make sure you catch this show if you are ever in Vegas - you will not be disappointed.

After the show, we called it a night and fell asleep before we hit the covers...

This morning we woke up late - something to due with exhaustion - and got out to the McDonald's that was closest to our hotel for breakfast. Another trip down the other side of the Strip to check out New York New York, the M&M World, GameWorks, Excalibur, the Luxor, and others. Tonight we are planning on a trip over to Bellagio to watch the fountains. Then down to Treasure Island for the pirate ship battle and over to the Mirage to see the volcano. Pictures hopefully to follow tomorrow... Until then....

Wednesday, October 25, 2000 -----

Ahhhh...what a night Tuesday was. The six of us caught a wonderful show in Caeser's Palace - the Sinking of Atlantis - and I was able to catch it all on video. We then headed down to Treasure Island for a snack before the Pirate Ship battle, and lost Keith and Jane for the night. Jane became suddenly ill, and they retired to their room for the night.

Brian, Silky, Heather and I continued on and caught the pirate battle, went over to the Venetian and saw the gondola rides, and also journeyed up to the Eiffel tower in Paris where we saw the fountains of Bellagio do their dance...

After our sightseeing, Heather and Silky retired for the night and Brian, Keith and I went a-gambling. Brian and Keith on the roulette tables, me on the slots. 3 hours later I went up to bed tired and broke while Keith and Brian were still at the wheel...

This morning was breakfast, then some more walking (we've walked for miles!), and then we caught a lounge act, Johnny Seaton, at the MGM Grand. Johnny and Keith were old friends from England, and we all had a fine time watching the two sets Johnny and his band did.

Off to Texas and the Con...we'll talk soon...