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The 28th World Fantasy Con - Of Gods and Monsters

World Fantasy Convention:


Minneapolis saw a small Lumley crew decend upon their hapless, cold city in 2002. Since Brian wasn't a guest of honor, we had more time to hang out and relax, which we did. This Con saw the Brian Lumley Companion released in the dealers room and Allen Koszowski receive the Artist World Fantasy Award.

Date: October 31- Nov. 3, 2003 - Minneapolis, MN

Brian Lumley - just hanging out in the hotel lobby - and obviously having a great time.

DaveStrorm, otherwise known as Patrick Stewart, having Brian sign up his collection at the mass autograph session Friday night.

Jenelle Brosius getting just a few of her books signed during the bookstore autograph session.

Jenelle Brosius, AllenK, Christine Koszowski, Silky and Brian hanging out at the bar.

Christine Koszowski getting Brian's autograph at the bookstore signing.

The Koszowskis and Lumleys having a chat with Paul Ganley in the bar.

Brian Lumley with F. Paul Wilson at the Sidecar Preservation Society's party.

Stephen Jones showing how much of a fan he is by getting the Master's autograph.