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The 29th World Fantasy Con

A Capitol Idea

World Fantasy Convention:

  • Date: October 30- Nov. 2, 2003
  • Place: Washington, D.C.

Author Guest of Honor

Brian Lumley

Author Guest of Honor

Jack Williamson

Publisher Guest of Honor

W. Paul Ganley

Artist Guest of Honor

Allen Koszowski

Master of Ceremonies

Douglas E. Winter

Washington D.C. might not be the prettiest city on earth to visit, but inside the Hyatt Regency hotel there were plenty of great sites to see during the 2003 WFC. Brian was doing readings and panels everyday it seemed; the endless queue at the autograph signing; the many nights spent in the bar talking and having a great time - there was just no reason to miss this Con. If you did though, here are some pictures that can show you a bit of what happened. FOr the video clips of Brian at the Con, swing by the Media Page.

Silky watching over Brian to make sure his hand doesn't get too tired after all of the books he signed....

The author and artist guests of honor, Brian and Allen Friday night signing away...

Paul Ganley, Brian, and Allen K during the autograph session.

Mike Chick talking with Silky as Brian signs the huge collection he brought with him.

Darrell Schweitzer, D.H. Olsen, Brian Lumley, and Stuart David Schiff on the Paul Ganley appreciation panel.

Brian and Allen K discussing some of the finer points of life.

Chris and Allen Koszowski hanging out with the Master before a panel.

The Lumleys at the autograph session Friday night.

Brian presenting at the awards ceremony on the final day.

Douglas Winter, MC, interviewing Brian. Video of the interview can be seen on the Media Page.

Who is it that does all those wonderful skull paintings for the US Necrosope books? Bob Eggleton! That's who, and here he is signing his section of the Companion.