The Necroscope Saga - by Brian Lumley


(BOOKS 1-5)

Vampire World

(BOOKS 6-8)

The Lost Years

(BOOKS 9, 10)


(BOOKS 11-13)

Welcome to the World of the Necroscope.

You are about to join millions of followers down a path of no return. The journey that I speak of is one involving a man known as Harry Keogh, Necroscope, and his life, death, and undeath. Not to mention the lives and deaths of all he touches from the past, present and future.
This saga began as a single book back in 1986, spawned in the mind of Brian Lumley, one of today's great talents in the vampire genre and horror in general. It has since culminated into a cult following that encompasses 13 novels in the complete saga.
If you feel you have the courage, the stamina, and, shall we say, intestinal fortitude; then join us. Begin your journey into the World of the Necroscope, one of the many worlds in the Undead, Undying, Unforgettable Worlds of Brian Lumley.
There are four different areas in this world to explore: The Necroscope, the Vampire World, the Lost Years and E-Branch. Look at all of them in turn and explore them in depth. Enjoy and remember to watch out for the Wamphyri!

- Book 14 of the Necroscope Saga -
Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes  (July 2003)
- All new adventures of the Necroscope -
Necroscope: The Touch  (June 2006)


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