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LATEST NEWS!! The Gathering ... Mythos Novel ... Novel is now finished and it's approximately 50,000 words. Fedogan & Bremer will be doing this as well as adding Born of the Winds and Lord of the Worms to it to make it a larger book. Bob
Eggleton will be doing the artwork. Will let you know when the publication date will be when I know. We now have a
publisher ... Fedogan & Bremer ... and Bob Eggleton will be doing the art.
The title will be "Earth, Air, Fire
and Water" "Four Tales of Elemental Mythos Horror".
It will also contain, Born of the Wind, Lord of the Worms
and The Changeling.



The Compleat Crow (preorder) coverTales of the Primal Land by Brian Lumley

Dust jacket by Bob Eggleton

Available NOW!! from Subterranean Press

...Was in fact a primal continent, but that was so long ago--even before Uthmal and Mu, and long before comparatively recent Atlantis--that a majority of today's palaeoethnologists might never be persuaded of its existence. But now let it be known that there was in Primal Theem'hdra (the vast island continent's name,) an hitherto unsuspected, even unimagined Age of Man, where barbarous nomadic tribes wandered the stony steppes and thirsty, burning deserts, while self-styled ''civilized'' folk dwelled in the so-called ''sophisticate cities'' of more luxuriant, mainly coastal, semi-tropical and agricultural regions...in its way a world much like that of today, albeit in a guise exquisitely prehistoric.



Necroscope®: The Plague-Bearer.

I am very happy and pleased to report that this is now an audio book in MP3 format. http://www.radioarchives.com/ It will be available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes in a couple weeks. (Please note that the narrator of this book, and it's not his fault because he wasn't informed ... that names and places aren't pronounced correctly ... so please don't send us emails informing us of this.) Order here: http://www.radioarch...=10&Search.y=14




Necroscope®: The Möbius Murders.

I am very happy and pleased to report that this is now an audio book in MP3 format. http://www.radioarchives.com/ … Order here: http://www.radioarch...ley_p/ra470.htm




The Compleat Crow (preorder) coverThe Compleat Crow by Brian Lumley

Dust jacket by Bob Eggleton

Limited: 250 signed numbered copies, bound in leather
Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition

Master of Occult Arts…

“He was tall and broad-shouldered, and it was plain to see that in his younger days he had been a handsome man. Now…his hair had greyed a little, and his eyes, though still very bright and observant, bore the imprint of many a year spent exploring—and often, I guessed, discovering —along rarely trodden paths of mysterious, obscure learning.”