The Necroscope Saga - by Brian Lumley


Copyright © 2000 Brian Lumley

Cover art by Paul Stanczykowski


Published by Hodder and Stoughton


Copyright © 2000 Brian Lumley

Cover art by Bob Eggleton

ISBN:  0-312-87923-7

Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.

Liner notes by Melissa Ann Singer

They're on the run! Now that their monstrous vampire 'garden' under London, in Australia and on the Greek island of Krassos have been razed, two 'Lords' and a 'Lady' of the Wamphyri -- Malinari the Mind, Lord Szwart and the hag Vavara -- have joined forces, leaving a trail of undead destruction as they flee headlong from Ben Trask's E-Branch and the dead-waking Necroscope, Jake Cutter.

But headstrong Jake has problems of his own. In the metaphysical Möbius Continuum, it appears that his blue life-thread -- the emblem of his humanity -- is gradually fading, changing to red. And not only red but blood red, dreaded insignia of the Great Vampire!

Could this be the downside of Harry Keogh's legacy? And if so, are the Necroscope and Trask's ESP-talented Avengers -- his team of precogs, telepaths, and locators -- hastening in pursuit of their own hideous doom? Earth's fate is undecided, mankind's destiny on hold, the future a page as yet unwritten.

And the future was ever a devious thing...

A cruise ship is a great place to get away from the world. It's also a terrific nesting ground for a Lord and Lady of the Wamphyri on the run from E-Branch and the new Necroscope, Jake Cutter. By the time anyone figures out what happened to the suddenly silenced ship and its crew and passengers, it'll be too late, much too late...

Ben Trask, Jake Cutter, Millicent Cleary, Liz Merrick, Lardis Lidesci, and the rest of E-Branch are anxious to find the Lady Vavara and Lords Malinari and Szwart. The Wamphyri may be on the run for now, but soon they'll recover from E-Branch's attacks and be ready to attempt once again to conquer the Earth.

Jake's struggle with Korath, the vampire inhabitant of his mind, has come to a crisis point: Korath is determined to gain control of Jake's life, and Jake is equally determined not to let him have it. But the only way to win this struggle is to confide in Ben Trask - and the head of E-Branch is likely to want Jake dead once he knows of Jake's intrusive passenger.

Szwart's spore garden under London is proving to have borne bitter fruit indeed. A mysterious sleeping sickness is slowly spreading among the population of Great Britain - and the afflicted are becoming something quite other then human. And Millie Cleary was trapped down there with Szwart for a long time. A very long time.

Harry Keogh is summoned from the Great Beyond via the combined powers of E-Branch's strongest agents. Held precariously in this time and place, the oracular former Necroscope gives what aid and advice he can, putting Korath under a form of "house arrest." E-Branch action teams have almost more on their plates than they can handle - locating renegade communists who threaten nuclear homicide; cooperating with Gustav Turchin, head of Russia's mindspy organization, in trying to permanently close the Gate between the Wamphyri world and Earth; analyzing the spore plague; and always, always hunting the Wamphyri.

A terrible conflagration precedes a horrifying confrontation in the shadow of the Gate as the Wamphyri and E-Branch conduct what should be their final battle. But in the world of the Necroscope, nothing, not even death...or necessarily forever.

And as always, the future is a devious thing.