The Necroscope Saga - by Brian Lumley


Blood Brothers coverCopyright © 1992 by Brian Lumley

Cover Illustration by George Underwood

ISBN: 0-14-016993-8

Published by The Penguin Group


Blood Brothers coverCopyright © 1992 by Brian Lumley

Jacket art by Bob Eggleton

Jacket Design by Joe Curcio

ISBN: 0-312-85357-2

Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.


In the beginning, on Starside, Harry Keogh was The Source. Ultimately, he would also be the Doombringer - to the Old Wamphyri. But death is not the end: not for Harry, nor for the vampires whose tenacity is legendary.

The prime maxim of the Necroscope was always this: 'What will be, has been...' But who may read the future with impunity? No man? Who is there now to talk with the Teeming Dead and recover the long-lost secrets of the tomb? With the Necroscope gone, who left to oppose the return of the Wamphyri?

On Sunside dwells a woman with a secret. Nana kiklu, Szgany widow, is the mother of twin sons - and their father is Harry Keogh! In their hands lies the terrifying future of the Vampire World - and maybe of our own planet, too...

Long Live the Necroscope!

Harry Keogh, the man who could talk to the dead, spent most of his life defending mankind from deadly alien vampires. But Harry was corrupted by the very evil he battled. Losing the fight to save his soul, and believing he had destroyed all the vampires, Harry sacrificed himself to protect Earth and the Vampire world.

Harry Keogh died too soon. In the hidden caverns on the vampire world, isolated from humankind for centuries, vampires thrived. Unclean science fed their warped appetites. Now, as they swept across the defenseless world, they found easy prey among the gypsies who had been Harry's friends and allies. Once sturdy fighters, the Travelers had grown soft during the decades of peace.

The gypsies have but one hope: the twin sons of Harry Keogh. When a vampire raid destroys their home and separates the young men, Nathan and Nestor begin perilous journeys across their world, one searching for his missing brother and his lost love, the other, amnesiac, seeking his very identity.