The Necroscope Saga - by Brian Lumley


Bloodwars coverCopyright © 1994 by Brian Lumley

Cover Illustration by George Underwood

ISBN: 0-14-016995-4

Published by The Penguin Group


Bloodwars coverCopyright © 1994 by Brian Lumley

Jacket art by Bob Eggleton

Jacket Design by Joe Curcio

ISBN: 0-312-85679-2

Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.


Two monstrous armies stand opposed: Vormulac Unsleep's undead legions out of Turgosheim, and Wratha the Risen's Renegades, masters of the last great aerie of the Wamphyri. The spoils of war will be revenge, territory, and human flesh! And blood, of course - the sweet blood of Sunside's Szgany. For the blood is the life, and when life or land are threatened there's only one course of action for a vampire: battle to the death!

Trapped in the middle: Nathan Keogh, Necroscope. And the espers of Earth's E-Branch, Trask and Zek, Goodly and Chung: Guardians of the Gate against a vampire invasion of Earth! The Necroscope holds the keys; he is the only one who can close the Gates to end the crimson carnage of the Bloodwars!

But the past holds many a secret, and the future was ever a devious thing!

Nestor and Nathan Kiklu are twins, united by blood and by a psychic bond inherited from their father, Harry Keogh, the Necroscope. Once so close each knew when the other breathed, they have become the bitterest of enemies, divided by the terrible evil of the Wamphyri.

Nestor, now a vampire Lord, rules a portion of the great tower known as the Last Aerie, from which he and the beautiful but deadly vampire Lady, Wratha the Risen, hunt the humans once defended by the Necroscope.

Nathan, flung through the Gate to Earth, discovers that he shares not only Harry Keogh's ability to talk to the dead but his power to travel effortlessly and instantly through space and time. Joining forces with Britain's E-Branch, a super-secret organization of psychics, Nathan returns to the vampire world to save his people.

Nathan desperately seeks a way to redeem his twin, but despite the solace he finds in the arms of his childhood sweetheart, knows his fight with Nestor must end in death - and the death of all the vampires. Blood - both living and undead - is spilled as Earthly weapons are brought to bear against the metamorphic alien Wamphyri.

The psychic powers of two worlds are united in the titanic final battle that forever changes the vampire planet...and Earth!