The Necroscope Saga - by Brian Lumley


Last Aerie coverCopyright © 1993 by Brian Lumley

Cover Illustration by George Underwood

ISBN: 0-14-016994-6

Published by The Penguin Group


Last Aerie coverCopyright © 1993 by Brian Lumley

Jacket art by Bob Eggleton

Jacket Design by Joe Curcio

ISBN: 0-312-85358-0

Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.


But on the Vampire World the dead won't talk to him. And on the world of men beyond the Hell-lands Gate, there are even worse terrors than the vampires on Starside. Yet that is Nathan's lot: to venture into the world of his father - Earth, there to seek the source of Harry Keogh's awesome talents with which to return to Sunside/Starside, defeat the Wamphyri, and destroy - The Last Aerie!

Nathan is not alone; Ben Trask an the espers of E-Branch will befriend him even as they befriended his father twenty years ago. But against natural and supernatural forces alike, will even their metaphysical skills suffice to send him home again? And if they do, what then? For in Starside a new vampire walks the night: Lord Nestor Lichloathe of the Wamphyri...

Nathan's Brother!

Nestor and Nathan Kiklu are the twin sons of Harry Keogh, the Necroscope, the man who talked to the dead, rallying them to mankind's side for great battles against the vampires.

The twins, linked by blood and the unique mental powers they inherited from their father, are driven apart by their love for the same woman...and their very different attitudes toward the vampires who prey upon their people.

Nathan takes up the struggle against the vampires, defending home and family, while Nestor, fascinated by the vampires' unearthly powers and eerie evil, has become his twin's worst nightmare: a vampire Lord!

Nathan is imprisoned by a megalomaniac ESPer who plans to invade the vampire world. Rescued by the members of E-Branch, the British psychic-powered spy organization once led by Harry Keogh, Nathan finds himself fighting side by side with his father's oldest friends.

Nathan Kiklu, like Harry Keogh, is a necroscope. He must win the friendship of the dead before he can return to his own world.

Nestor, growing ever more powerful among the vampire hierarchy, plots the ruination of all his enemies and the complete domination of the human race.

Harry Keogh's sons have become the bitterest of enemies, each determined to destroy the other. When next they meet, one will surely die!